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educator who founded the first kindergarten in the United States (1804-1894)

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As well as the young Ednah, the conversations attracted a large circle of educated and liberal thinking women, including Anna Barker, Almira Barlow, Elizabeth Davis Bancroft, Mary Channing, Lydia Maria Child, Sarah Clarke, Lidian Emerson, Eliza Farrar, Mary Ann Haliburton, Elizabeth Hoar, Louisa Gilman Loring, Marianne Jackson, Lidia Cabot Parker, Ann Terry Phillips, Mary, Sophia, and Elizabeth Peabody, Sarah Alden Ripley, Sophia Ripley, Caroline and Ellen Sturgis, Jane Tuckerman, and Maria White.
However, a letter by Sophia Hawthorne to her sister Elizabeth Peabody about the 1859 proposal sounds a very different note indeed, speaks another part of Hawthorne's divided self, and articulates the desire upon which she would act almost ten years later.
In June of 1841, he wrote a letter that reeks of humiliation to Elizabeth Peabody about her attempts to interest the publishing house of James Munroe in the remainders of Grandfather's Chair.
In 1834, with Elizabeth Peabody as his assistant, he opened the Temple School, so called because he rented a large room in the Masonic Temple across from the Boston Common.
Ralph Waldo Emerson, Bronson Alcott, Margaret Fuller, Elizabeth Peabody, and Orestes A.
The memorable Miss Birdseye has suggested <IR> ELIZABETH PEABODY </IR> to some readers.
ARAMARK has teamed up with the Elizabeth Peabody House, located at 277 Broadway in Somerville, a non-profit organization that provides a broad array of educational, social and recreational services addressing essential and changing needs of families in the City of Somerville and the surrounding Boston community.
After Elizabeth Peabody investigated Sophia's complaints, she concluded that Sophia had been treated justly but not generously.
The Maria Droste Counseling Services, under my good friend Elizabeth Peabody, has been a "big deal'' in fighting for those who need mental health help and can't afford it.
Elizabeth Peabody is known as, "the apostle of the Kindergarten Movement in the United States" (Vandewalker 1908, p.
After being educated at a small private school by her mother, Elizabeth Peabody started her own school in Boston in 1820.
His second wife, Mary Peabody Mann, sister of <IR> ELIZABETH PEABODY </IR> , edited with others The Life and Works of Horace Mann (5 v.
Interestingly, the following April, as Sophia neared her May due date for baby Rose, Nathaniel wrote to Elizabeth Peabody to request that she funnel reports about the ailing Mrs.
Lemoine and his wife Mary Cotter-Lemoine of Natick, Elizabeth Peabody of Lynnfield, and the late John E.
Elizabeth Peabody recalled that Allston also exhorted her sister to "copy only masterpieces, nothing second rate.
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