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educator who founded the first kindergarten in the United States (1804-1894)

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Marshall (2005) provided an interesting account of Alcott's colleague, Elizabeth Palmer Peabody, born on May 16, 1804, in Billerica, Massachusetts.
9) Sophia Amelia Hawthorne to Elizabeth Palmer Peabody, 16 February 1851.
Letter to Elizabeth Palmer Peabody, 16 February 1851.
Hawthorne's mother, Elizabeth Palmer Peabody, also testifies to the personal cost of taking up the pen in a letter quoted by Bruce A.
1836] and printed in his Letters of Elizabeth Palmer Peabody (154-155).
The letters of Sophia Peabody or her mother, Elizabeth Palmer Peabody, are quoted with the permission of The Henry W.
Elizabeth Palmer Peabody, A Reformer on Her Own Terms.
Ronda's Elizabeth Palmer Peabody, A Reformer on Her Own Terms, Chapter 8, "Apostles of the New Education" provides a full treatment of this subject.
3) In the early 1860s, Elizabeth Palmer Peabody introduced Friedrich Froebel's revolutionary kindergarten movement to the United States in English-language classes that focused on creative play and social interaction (Baylor, Peabody).
Elizabeth Palmer Peabody asked herself in a journal entry (August 10, 1838).
Returning from this three-month walkabout, he was encouraged by his energetic promoter and publisher Elizabeth Palmer Peabody not to abandon "a great moral enterprise" to create "a new literature for the young" (199-200).
But in fact all three Peabodys brought together in this collection of essays--Sophia and her sisters Elizabeth Palmer Peabody and Mary Peabody Mann--enacted through varying constraints and opportunities a similar emergence from private to public authorship.
In "Declaration and Deference: Elizabeth Palmer Peabody, Mary Peabody Mann, and the Complex Rhetoric of Mediation," Vasquez examines the persuasive effect of particular works by both sisters.
Inside the cemetery the funeral carriage stopped first at the graves of Elizabeth Palmer Peabody and Nathaniel Cranch Peabody.
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