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Queen of England from 1558 to 1603


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The Armada Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I features the Queen in a gold embroidered and jewelled dress with her hand resting on a globe, while the English fleet enjoys calm waters and the approaching Spanish fleet is wrecked in a storm.
There is a huge arched window from which Elizabeth I would have looked over Robert's wooded hunting park and the artificial lake - known as the mere - surrounding the castle.
Felch published the Norton critical edition on Elizabeth, Elizabeth I and Her Age, which in 2010 received the award for best book to be used for teaching by the Society for the Study of Early Modern Women.
Still, a collection of essays dominated by Elizabeth I is no bad thing.
Each Tudor monarch gets at least one portrait (the most for Elizabeth I, of course).
Elizabeth I is one of the most famous women in history and both popular and scholarly books about her are produced at a steady rate.
In person Blanchett is blond and willowy, though she says that her current hair color resulted from wearing a wig in the role of Queen Elizabeth I in a film that she has just finished shooting.
This study emerges from Susan Frye's "conviction that not enough attention has been paid to what Queen Elizabeth I wrote and said about the difficulties of constructing her power within the patriarchal society that she ruled" (vii).
The show centres around the Welshman Dr John Dee, who was a noted mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, occultist and consultant to Queen Elizabeth I.
Elizabeth I and Arbella Stuart were never mothers, and maternity does not seem to be the strongest connection between these four subjects, even if maternity is read, via Wendy Wall, as a metaphorical 'language of legacy' (p.
Thus, while spinning a continuous thread from Catherine de Valois to Elizabeth I, the author also presents a typology.
DAME Helen Mirren is to play Queen Elizabeth I in a bodice-ripping romp based on the royal's real-life affair with a much younger man.
Elizabeth I re-enactor Helen Wallace-Iles, a part-time 'medieval model' from Surrey, bears a striking resemblance to the Virgin Queen.
Elizabeth is a dotty old woman fascinated by Queen Elizabeth I's abilities and problems and compares them to her own.
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