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British poet (born in the United States) who won the Nobel prize for literature

British writer of novels characterized by realistic analysis of provincial Victorian society (1819-1880)

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Nonetheless, and despite his distrust of aesthetics, Eliot was happy to take a determined position in the key aesthetic battle of the period during and after the First World War, between Vorticism and Futurism.
Away from his audience in a Harvard lecture theatre, Eliot took a slightly different stance on "obscurity.
Diederick van Werven focuses on the lasting influence of Eliot in the Netherlands, and studies both the translations of her novels, exhaustively enumerated, and the reviews that followed.
David Bell, Head of Corporate Trust and Agency commented on Eliot's appointment, "Law Debenture is delighted to have Eliot join the its Corporate Trust team, his experience gained from the Banking and Legal sectors will further enhance our existing franchise and is yet another building block for our long term growth plans.
Eliot e, em particular, no ensaio "Tradicao e talento individual": "penso que muito pouco se produziu de boa poesia nos ultimos anos, e que [.
Despite the crucial role that Eliot's poetic work played in the later part of her writing career, few who read Eliot today know of it.
Although Crawford has tracked down Eliots sources, he presents his findings in a conversational way, as if the reader were in his seminar, and Crawford is sharing his research with colleagues, suggesting that Prufrock's surname may have been inspired by the Prufrock Furniture Company in St.
What fascinates me is the testimony the essay offers to the continuing power of Bergson's influence, such that Eliot sets himself the task of identifying the ways in which he would correct Bergson or differentiate his own views from his.
I like to write, and I'm a little bit interested in doing chapter books for younger kids, maybe one about Alix," the 8-year-old nature-loving girl from "Stone Soup" who exhibits many of the same tomboyish characteristics she did herself as a child, Eliot said.
Fionnaula Dillane's Before George Eliot examines Marian Evans' relationship with the periodical press and the personae she constructed, including the '"character of editress' (Evans' own ironic description); the ambiguously gendered reviewer; the casuist and companion of her clerical scenes who is at once obvious and opaque"; and finally the "pompous city bachelor Theophrastus Such" (6).
Yet one of the great advantages of reading Robert Crawford's accomplished first entry in his new two-part biography of Eliot is that you can actually imagine him getting a kick out of this unexpected connection of his grand poem to ordinary grousing about the IRS.
Thomas Stearns Eliot, born in 1888, was half Midwesterner, half New Englander.
Eliot (1888-1965), become the greatest American-born poet of the 20th century.
As his Eliot Smith Dance Company settles into the Blackfriars Hall in New Bridge Street, opposite the Tanner's Arms at the edge of Newcastle's Ouseburn, dance classes for adults and young people are being relaunched this week and Eliot is in the middle of making big plans, including for a gala performance of three of his works next month.
George Eliot and Walt Whitman, two of the most influential writers of the nineteenth century, are rarely discussed in relation to one another.