Elihu Thomson

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United States electrical engineer (born in England) who in 1892 formed a company with Thomas Edison (1853-1937)


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The patent was titled, "Generating, storing, and applying electricity for lighting, telegraphic, and plating purposes," and was invented by Elihu Thomson and Edwin Houston; the applicant was Henry H.
Two patent applications covering inventions of Elihu Thomson and with applicant James Devonshire, secretary of BTH Ltd.
Woodbury, Beloved Scientist: Elihu Thomson, A Guiding Spirit of the Electrical Age (1944).
Facilities include the Charles Hayden Planetarium, the Mugar Omni Theater and the Elihu Thomson Theater of Electricity, which houses a 2.
Turning to AC polyphase systems, he again used applied mathematics (while Elihu Thomson relied on hands-on empiricism) to develop an extremely valuable method of analyzing AC circuits with complex algebraic numbers, both "real" and "imaginary" (the latter expressed by the square root of minus one).
Bernard Carlson has accomplished a remarkable stylistic feat in his informative and insightful examination of the emergence of General Electric (GE) and of the career of Elihu Thomson.