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a method of teaching by question and answer

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La cornice dialogica del Timeo e del Crizia e la Poetica de Aristotele", en Elenchos (fase.
Dancy develops this account by showing us how the role of the paradigm requirement, which occurs in the passage that introduces this elenchos, can be accomplished by the self-predication requirement.
La referencia es aqui al Carmides, y en cuanto al elenchos naturalmente a la Apologia.
The first part contains, for instance, chapters on dramatic settings, the "portrait frames" of dialogues, and Socrates as "hero" (heros); the second, chapters on Socratic irony, the dialogue form, and Plato and the poets; and the third, chapters on standard topics such as the elenchos, the Republic's images of the Sun, Line, and Cave, as well as a welcome chapter on the Laws.
But elenchos is only one element of Socrates's philosophizing, according to Howland; the other core moment is "prophecy," the reaching out toward knowledge and a conclusive resolution of inquiry that Socrates most often expresses in his images and narratives.
Jung quotes from Hippolytus, Elenchos (Refutatio omnium haeresium), ed.
Brunschwig, `La theorie stoicienne du genre supreme et l'ontologie platonicienne', Matter and Metaphysics, Fourth Symposium Hellenisticum, Elenchos 14 (ed.
Aidos collects a wealth of data in analyzing usages and meanings of aidos and numerous related terms (aischros, aeikes, sebas, nemesis, elenchos, etc.
Le nature et le statut de la sophia dans les Memorables", en: Elenchos, XXIX (2008), pp.
21) Thateron we see not as the mere distinction of like elements but as the difference (22) of what is from what should be, a difference of deficiency and disharmony whose resolution requires the discrimination and separation of worse from better, (23) the healing and purification of the soul most of all through the education and elenchos practiced by the "noble" sophist of the sixth analysis, who of course is not a sophist at all but a Socratic philosopher.
Gaiser, Konrad (1980), "La teoria dei principi in Platone", Elenchos, num.
1985, 'Alessandro di Afrodisia e Aristotele di Mitilene', Elenchos, vol.
In addition to his religious "commitments" he had a deep commitment to philosophical inquiry understood as elenchos, the testing - knocking down and building up - of moral beliefs, both his own and others'.
Esse elenchos, ademais, tera grandes consequencias para a sua vida, caso aceitemos (nao necessariamente como historicamente correta, mas ao menos como suficientemente conhecida por Platao) a anedota aristotelica que conta que Cratilo, a certa altura da vida, para de falar e apenas aponta para os objetos (supostamente por ter-se tornado mais heraclitico do que Heraclito, ao concluir que sequer uma unica vez e possivel entrar no mesmo rio).