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Synonyms for burglary

breaking and entering

Synonyms for burglary

the act of entering a building or room with the intent to commit theft

Words related to burglary

entering a building unlawfully with intent to commit a felony or to steal valuable property

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Evidence of consent to the sexual act is relevant to whether the prosecution has proven the elements of the offense beyond a reasonable doubt.
If not, the limitations period would accrue when all the elements of the offense were otherwise satisfied.
treating aggravating factors as elements of the offense has been
This analysis confirms that the chapeau of crimes against humanity are substantive elements of the offense, rather than "abstract" jurisdictional provisions.
But Dotterweich and Park do not clearly explain from what authority the doctrine is derived, how the doctrine relates to the elements of the offense, and to what offenses (other than the FFDCA) it applies.
When a defendant in a first-degree murder case pleads guilty, the plea necessarily admits all elements of the offense,'' Justice Steven Perren wrote in the 12-page decision.
6) O'Connor argued that legislatures should have discretion in deciding the elements of the offense and the factors in sentencing.
If your company pays a premium price to the official, it runs the risk that its actions might be regarded as impermissible under the FCPA, assuming other elements of the offense are also present.
Whenever a federal district court must ask a jury to apply a compound-complex criminal statute and the prosecution presents evidence of more than the requisite number of predicate acts, the court must determine whether the legislature intended the predicates to be principal factual elements of the offense or mere means of fulfilling the "pattern" or "series" element.
With this in mind, the following discussion pertains only to such systems, in particular to that embodied in the widely adopted Model Penal Code scheme in which the mens rea requirement for a given offense is satisfied if the offender acts "purposely," "knowingly," or "recklessly" in regard to the elements of the offense.
Open the EBB, (9) and bring up the elements of the offense and the related definitions of terms, as the judge would instruct on them.
He's more comfortable in space than in the pocket, and some of the new elements of the offense will focus on that.
United States, (10) the Court stated that a sufficient indictment "contains the elements of the offense charged and fairly informs a defendant of the charge against which he must defend, and .
Now, however, enhancements are elements of the offense.
19) The primary modification made by this new definition was the elimination of the word "feloniously"; the rest of the elements of the offense remained essentially the same.