Coulomb's Law

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a fundamental principle of electrostatics

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It was evident that the electrostatic force between metal cations and other anions was in order of Mg2+ > Al3+ > Co2+.
Once the spinning process has started, the fibres (13) are ejected from the spinnerets due to the electrostatic force that is pulling them towards the centre of the spinning chamber.
where U is the voltage applied across the inner and outer electrodes, [F.sub.e] is the generated electrostatic force and dC/dz is the capacitance gradient, as shown in (2):
Here [lambda] is the ratio of a reference electrostatic force and a reference elastic force and [[beta].sub.1] is the ratio of a reference magnetic force and a reference elastic force.
They used an AC voltage and an additional lock-in amplifier in order to extract the 2[omega] component of the electrostatic force.
Electrostatic force [F.sub.E] captivates electrodes towards each other whereas spring force, defined by kx, attempts to impede plates from appealing to each other.
4d and e, the effect of bending instability in high concentration of LiCl is more than electrostatic force as a result of increasing the conductivity so this inequality leads to bead formation.
The resulting electrostatic field produces an electrostatic force to drive the motion of the moveable set of combs.
The topics include organic solar cell materials and devices characterized by conductive and photoconductive atomic force microscopy, imaging nanoscale photogenerated charge transport in organic photovoltaic materials, subvolumes of solid electrolytes analyzed by electrostatic force spectroscopy, the in situ analysis of interfacial phenomena in lithium-ion batteries, and the mechanisms of piezoelectric nanogenerators.
How bees detect the fields is unknown, but the researchers suspect the electrostatic force might make their hair bristle.
Forcespinning uses centrifugal force at 5,000 to 20,000 rpm rather than electrostatic force to create superfine fibers.
An electrostatic force caused by the DC bias voltage ([V.sub.DC]) is then translated into motion.
This might be due to the weakening of electrostatic force of attraction between the oppositely charged adsorbate and adsorbent that ultimately lead to the reduction in sorption capacity (Bayal et al., 2006).
The electrostatic force per unit area between two planar, semi-infinite surfaces separated by a distance D was approximated with an expression derived by Parsegian and Gingell (1972).
The proprietary micro-electromechanical sys-tem (MEMS) valve uses electrostatic force to direct the flow of inert gases.
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