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To minimize the effect of electrosmog, there's a product called BioZen that can protect you against mobile radiation.
It has been found that electrosmog is not limited to the offices and homes.
Belpomme (2011) in his presentation at the 8th National Congress on Electrosmog in Berne in 2011 elaborates on the dangers of wire-less technology and the diagnostics and treatment of the electromagnetic field intolerance (EFI) Syndrome.
Electrosmog (electromagnetic radiation, caused by wireless technology and mains electricity) is one evil we can all help combat, according to Strittmatter.
A new industry has developed over the last few decades that provides protection to sensitive people who have figured out that electrosmog is a factor in their ill health.
The green and tranquil pastures of Mossley Hill are indeed being invaded by what is increasingly known as electrosmog.
The additions, she claimed, which also include carbon footprint, green tax, electrosmog, and eco-village, "reflect the way our lives are changing".
0 presents upholstery fabrics developed with new technologies that resist microbes, electrosmog and stains, along with metallized fabrics with climate-control properties.
In two separate experiments in 2003 and 2004, the researchers presented respondents with various sets of statements about the electrosmog controversy and risk management responses.
To lower the electrosmog levels, the Vatican will cede one of its FM frequencies to the Italian Episcopal Conference, beam medium-wave broadcasts by satellite to Radio Monte Carlo for retransmission to Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Germany, and adjust the directions of medium-wave broadcasts in Slovenian, Croatian, French, English, Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese.
He swept through the pub's open door armed with night vision cameras, recorders, baby monitors and an electrosmog detector that morphed from green to red when paranormal activity peaked.
Du 6 au 8 mai, aide par une petite equipe de terrain, il a promene son dispositif mobile, compose d'un chariot venitien, d'antennes faites de batons de hockey, de recepteurs et d'ordinateurs, dans le but de capter, comme il l'a deja fait ailleurs l' << electrosmog >> de Venise, c'est-a-dire l'ensemble des champs electromagnetiques, sillonnes par les communications electroniques des nombreux appareils sans fil en usage sur les lieux visites.
7 Electrosmog - Location Measurement Form Selling EMIR integration
Several words referring to the environment, such as carbon footprint, green tax, electrosmog (electro magnetic fields emitted by computers and mobile phones) and eco-village debut in the 11th edition of the book.
Two dependent variables were used: perceived risk of electrosmog and the perceived quality of scientific knowledge about health risks from electrosmog.