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a unit of energy equal to the work done by an electron accelerated through a potential difference of 1 volt

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One study focuses on lower-energy cosmic rays that originate within our galaxy and have energies up to 1,000 trillion electronvolts.
The energy gain was puny, compared to that produced by conventional accelerators, which routinely boost particles to billions and trillions of electronvolts.
Theorists have shown that collisions with background-radiation photons would sap the cosmic rays' energies, limiting them to about 50 million trillion electronvolts (eV) on arrival at terrestrial detectors.
The machine at CERN, Europe's particlephysics laboratory near Geneva, Switzerland, will restart with collisions at 13 trillion electronvolts almost double the current record.
With collision energies capable of reaching 14 tera electronvolts (TeV), the collider is designed to push a proton beam close to the speed of light, sending it whizzing 11,000 times a second around a 27-kilometer (17-mile) tunnel some 100 meters (32 5 feet) below the ground in an area straddling the Swiss-French border.
This initial demonstration achieved an acceleration gradient, or amount of energy gained per length, of 300 million electronvolts per meter.
Positron spectroscopy uses a variable monoenergy positron beam (from the electronvolts range to several kiloelectronvolts) (27) coupled with PAL and momentum density measurements was presented recently, and it is capable of probing free volume profiles from the surface, through the interfaces, and to the bulk.
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