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(computer science) the use of microcomputers with graphics capacity to produce printed materials

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While giving reference of electronic publication of Trade Marks Journal at Trade Marks Registry, the Chairman said that this is a latest and rapid procedure involved for the issuance of trade marks.
On the other hand, electronic publications need articles from researchers and scholars in order to achieve acceptance among the community.
Other applications, such as the Text Encoding Initiative (Gaynor, 1994; Sperberg-McQueen & Burnard, 1994), are using the SGML syntax to embed full cataloging of electronic publications within the publication itself.
considered electronic publication equivalent to print publication.
We hoped that this population of computer literate scholars and students, representing more than the membership of some of our largest professional organizations, could be induced to support an electronic publication.
The monthly electronic publication Intra-Extra EU Trade Statistics (by commodity and country) for January-March 2017 is available for download, free of charge, from the website of the Statistical Service, under the Section Publications.
So, traditional publishers and scholarly authors have different goals for electronic publication of faculty-created works.
This is not to suggest that merely ensuring indefinite future access to electronic texts will improve the academic evaluation process, but unless ongoing access is considered, it seems unlikely that electronic publication can be a significant means to disseminate key scholarly texts.
com/reports/c29923) has announced the addition of 2004-2005 Annual Report on China's Electronic Publication Market to their offering.
Among these, it became the first electronic publication to win the prestigious Harold Wincott Press and Broadcasting Award for UK Business Journal of the Year.
The necessity of modernizing parliament's library, including purchase of computer programs, electronic publications, computers to work with electronic materials, telecommunication and office equipment was discussed at the session of three factions of the Parliament on October 19.
Completed by 218 professionals working mainly in the marketing and communication office of their institutions, the online survey about the state of print and electronic publications in higher education I created for this column aimed to shed some light on this topic.
New coverage of journals and electronic publications
Prism Business Media has launched a new family of print and electronic publications for video production professionals creating content for distribution platforms that range from traditional cinemas to cell phones and iPods.
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