integrated circuit

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a microelectronic computer circuit incorporated into a chip or semiconductor

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Police used the electronic chip on a pet Husky to find Mona Thornborough's family after she was badly injured in a crash on Croxteth Hall Lane, near the entrance to Croxteth Country Park, on Monday afternoon.
It is understood Fifa is wary about allowing the electronic chips, but Stewart Regan, chief executive of the Scottish FA, said it was a "no brainer" if there were medical benefits, especially if they could warn of problems similar to those experienced by former Bolton midfielder Muamba.
He added that a new ID card will be adopted in 2012, and that it will contain a programmable electronic chip.
It also boasts an encrypted electronic chip, self service at airports, new intricate designs, and complex watermarks that should thwart anyone wishing to try and forge a copy using felt tip pens from Poundland.
Electronic chip maker, Intel, has announced its plans to launch UHD devices in India.
The system works by using electronic keys - known as iFobs - each of which contains a unique electronic chip individually programmed to open or close a specific door when put into a control panel.
Their social security number will also be included along with an electronic chip containing information about their date of birth and their mother's surname.
The machine scans the passenger's face and compares it with the information held on an electronic chip fitted in all new passports since 2006.
Hundreds of ultra-Orthodox Jews have demonstrated at Intel Corp's new electronic chip plant in Israel in protest against work taking place at the site on the Jewish sabbath.
The new cards, which give users free bus travel, contain an electronic chip that machines on-board the buses can read.
In addition, a simplified marking procedure in the event of a lost electronic chip has been introduced.
According to the team from Purdue, the system could allow researchers to design sensor technologies that move particles to specific regions on an electronic chip for detection or analysis.
Customers who register for car2go are given an electronic chip along with their driving license that allows the car to be unlocked.
Under the pilot program, a quarter-size electronic chip is installed in a porch light or another light visible from the street.
The fitted electronic chip helps lost or stolen pets to be re-united with their owners.
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