integrated circuit

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a microelectronic computer circuit incorporated into a chip or semiconductor

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During the Exhibition, GPI will introduce its innovative, RFID-based Electronic Chip Surveillance (ECS) system utilizing 125 KHz RFID tags embedded in the chips which trigger an alarm when stolen casino chips are taken through electronic sensor gates.
As the last date for activating the electronic chip is September 26, Khalid has urged the citizens not to waste an opportunity to cast their votes.
E-World, a Chinese company, is engaged in the development of electronic chip and board technology.
The doodle on Google's home page pays tribute to Noyce's work on the microchip with an image of an electronic chip and the search engine's name on the circuit board.
Banks are pinning hopes on new electronic chip cards and personal identification numbers - but they don't come out until next year.
The news came amid speculation that stalled work on Hyundai's electronic chip factory in Dunfermline could be restatred.
was formed to manufacture a specialized packaging and delivery system called carrier tape for the electronic chip manufacturing industry.
The PV cells activate from the moment they are exposed to light and charge the battery or power the mobile devices they are connected to, moreover it is also nexus to an electronic chip, which converts and manages the energy produced to charge a battery.
The figures were hit by a slide at its BOC Edwards arm, which supplies gases to the electronic chip industry.
MIRROR MONEY advice: Until the electronic chip cards are ready, Thumbs Up offers the most effective means of beating the fraudsters.
Lexmark's news came as speculation grew on the fate of Hyundai's electronic chip factory in Dunfermline.
The microscopic circuits on a purely electronic chip can short out when exposed to radiation in outer space or from nuclear weapons or accidents.
The possibility of storing selected set of data and information related to MoF customers on the ID card electronic chip will be also considered.
All existing cards will be replaced with ones containing an electronic chip, making them almost impossible to counterfeit.
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