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(chemistry) a chemical decomposition reaction produced by passing an electric current through a solution containing ions

removing superfluous or unwanted hair by passing an electric current through the hair root

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Saalia, "The evaluation of electrolysed water as an agent for reducing micro-organisms on vegetables," International Journal of Food Science and Technology, vol.
It's not always that you can fill such a vast restaurant, which not a good thing when you're in Delhi, because people here go out as much to eat as to see people and be seen -- they don't like empty seats in restaurants, no matter how many short skirts, toned electrolysed legs, Cesare Paciotti shoes ( and of course ubiquitous Hermes belts!) and tattoos at places that can up even the jaded libido of a grand- dad there may be to feed roving eye.
* Neutral Electrolysed Water (NEW) which can remove salad surface contamination by generating small amounts of bactericidal chlorine Radio Frequency Heating which penetrates larger items of food better than microwaves
Fat mass decreased significantly following electrolysed water with mean values [+ or -] SD of 108 [+ or -] 261bs before intervention; 102 [+ or -] 25 post 1 month (p=0.02) and 101.8 [+ or -] 23 post two months (p=0.02) on electrolyzed water.
Water solutions company EAU Technologies Inc (OTCBB:EAUI) stated on Wednesday that the company's electrolysed drinking water is now being used commercially by North Florida Holsteins (NFH) for part of its farm in Bell, Florida.
SANYO, a leading provider of energy, environment and lifestyle technologies, affirms an increased regional interest in its health- and environment-oriented products, especially in its "Virus Washer" air purifier system, the first of its kind in the world to use electrolysed water technology.
Sanyo has launched in the Middle East the Sanyo Virus Washer, the world's first air purifier system powered by electrolysed water technology.
HEALING water, living water, activated water, hexagonal water, electrolysed water, ionized water, holy water, magnetic water, the world is awash with methods of optomising water for better health.
The purified magnesium chloride brine is then dehydrated to a solid salt which, together with other additives, is electrolysed in a Dow design electrolyte cell to produce molten magnesium.