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(music) an electronic simulation of a pipe organ

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The "in-series alignment" of the electrocytes and unique polarity of each cell allows for the "summation of voltages, much like batteries stacked in series in a flashlight," said Michael Sussman, U-W biochemist.
Additionally, single transverse sections of 5 mm were removed from the middle of one of each pair of organs; after being weighed, these were used to determine the number of electrocytes in the organ.
Dissociated electrocytes were washed free of smaller cellular material (fragments of electrocytes and nerve fibrils, glia and nerve terminals) by sequential washing and sedimentation at unit gravity in polypropylene centrifuge tubes at 0-4 [degrees] C.
Unfixed samples of dissociated electrocytes in saline were viewed with standard light microscopy at low (binocular dissecting microscope) and high (Zeiss Axiophot) magnification.
Dissociated electrocytes were bathed in saline and viewed with a dissection microscope.
Electrocytes show few, if any, spontaneous MEPPs, and intracellular MEPPs are very small (Kriebel et al., 1987).
Viability studies of electrocytes in dissected organs were carried out with R.
If allowance is made for the lower cellular density in skate and the larger volume of individual electrocytes (as indicated by LDH activity), then the terminal volume of skate electric organ is between 10% and 18% of that found in Torpedo.
Immobilizing drugs such as curare were not employed in this study because they block synaptic transmission at the spinal motor nerve-electric organ electrocyte junction.