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(music) an electronic simulation of a pipe organ

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Separation of nerves from electrocytes leaves some nerve terminals attached to the electrocyte surface, as revealed by the electron micrograph shown in Figure 5.
We were always careful to push the electrode against either the inside or outside surface of the electrocyte when evaluating the physiological condition of the terminals.
It is more physiological, because skates prefer cold water; it results in very stable electrocyte preparations [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2 OMITTED]; and it inhibits the movement of the Schwann cells and thus prevents encapsulation of detached nerve terminals during collagenase-induced denervation of dissociated electrocytes [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 5 AND 6 OMITTED].
Two classes of spontaneous miniature excitatory junction potentials and one synaptic vesicle class are present in the my electrocyte.
Innervated electrocytes that retain electrical responsiveness to presynaptic stimulation can be isolated from skate electric organ following collagenase treatment at room temperature (Fox et al.
Additionally, single transverse sections of 5 mm were removed from the middle of one of each pair of organs; after being weighed, these were used to determine the number of electrocytes in the organ.
The "in-series alignment" of the electrocytes and unique polarity of each cell allows for the "summation of voltages, much like batteries stacked in series in a flashlight," said Michael Sussman, U-W biochemist.
They found that the dimmer switch comes in the form of sodium channels the fish insert and remove from the membranes of special cells, called electrocytes, within their electric organs.