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the quantity of unbalanced electricity in a body (either positive or negative) and construed as an excess or deficiency of electrons

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In the author's opinion, in the absence of the protective electrically neutral microspectra surrounding them from the molecular dipoles of water in the absence of charged particles with the same name, physical difficulties in their directed concentrated collection in the troposphere are possible.
The dashed arrow lines refer to type-I annihilations of quarks and antiquarks that form electrically charged leptons, while the solid arrow lines refer to type-II annihilations of quarks and antiquarks that form colorless and electrically neutral leptons.
The outer regions of the atom contain enough electrons, each with a unit negative charge, to neutralize the nuclear charge and leave the atom as a whole electrically neutral.
The device, which is indicated forcutting and coagulation of tissue in open and laparoscopic surgery, provides surgeons with an electrically neutral surgical option that does not require a grounding pad, and eliminates the risk of alternate site burns.
In the time before objects formed in the Universe, it was filled with electrically neutral gas.
It performs best in terms of mechanical properties, resistance to thermal aging and flowability and, thanks to its electrically neutral stabilization, helps prevent contact corrosion, explains Stefan Theiler, an expert in highly filled polyamides at LANXESS.
At such high temperatures, matter exists in a plasma state where electrically neutral atoms or molecules have been converted to electrically charged ions.
The geckos' toe pads and the polymer surfaces were electrically neutral before touching.
The new maps showed that small, electrically neutral, irregularly shaped PAHs are most common near the cold molecular cloud that is far from the star that excites PAH emission.
Plasma is generally described as an ionised gas or as an electrically neutral medium of positive and negative particles.
It does this by locking in oxygen isotopes (the three different types of oxygen atoms that have the same number of protons, or positively charged particles, but a different number of neutrons, or electrically neutral particles).
The largest such waves spanned a few hundred thousand light-years when atoms became electrically neutral, allowing photons to escape and essentially freezing the waves in their tracks.
This technique also keeps the target electrically neutral while the plasma is accelerated in a separate system.
The LEDs have an electrically neutral heat sink pad that allows them to be configured in an array using a common metal substrate without fear of electrical shorting, thus simplifying thermal design.
Neutrinos, unlike every other subatomic particle, provide that window because they are electrically neutral and rarely interact with matter.
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