friction tape

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a water-resistant adhesive tape used to insulate exposed electrical conductors

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3M has provided quality electrical tapes for more than 60 years, having invented vinyl electrical tape.
He had batteries and wires and electrical tape with him.
Above, evacuated postal workers await word on the potential threat, which turned out to be a pillow wrapped in a towel and bound in electrical tape.
These and existing lines give customers a wide choice that they can purchase from the same supplier who provides their electrical tape.
Contract awarded for Tubes, Bulbs, Electrical Tape, Con
Tape it in place with electrical tape, NSN 5970-00-816-6056.
Robbie, 24, stumbled into a hotel sporting sunglasses, a black afro wig, a beard and sideburns made out of electrical tape .
12 after the discovery in a boys' bathroom of what turned out to be a fake bomb - a device made out of a gas can nozzle, two batteries and wires wrapped in clear packing tape and black electrical tape.
AUSTIN, Texas -- 3M, inventor of industry standard Scotch Vinyl Electrical Tape, is introducing Scotch Heavy Duty Mining Tape 31, a tough, abrasion-resistant tape.
Make sure it includes jumper cables; a tire inflator and sealer, such as Fix-A-Flat(R); a flashlight; gloves; a bottle of water in case of overheating; and a roll of electrical tape for cracked or broken hoses.
McNamee, a physics graduate, was arrested after his fingerprints were found on electrical tape used to make two electronic gadgets to detonate bombs.
More than 150 students were evacuated after a student found the device made of a gas can nozzle, two batteries and wires wrapped in clear packaging tape and black electrical tape.
For more information on Scotch vinyl electrical tape, contact the 3M Electrical Markets Division, A130-4N-40, 6801 River Place Blvd.
If you remove just the top element for any length of time, put a piece of electrical tape over the opening of the bottom element to keep out dirt and moisture.
The overall condition of the facility is poor: cracks in the floors, water leaks in the ceilings, lighting fixtures held up by electrical tape alone
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