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Then L = L(N), where N is an electrical network of n + 1 boundary vertices if and only if L [member of] P (n + 1).
As part of this alliance, SAIC has a $10 million minority stake in BPLG, leading BPLG's latest round of financing to capitalize the company in anticipation of the increase in smart grid spending by the electric utility industry to modernize electrical networks.
They will begin inter-site communication trials via electrical networks as soon as the joint venture is operational.
Adopting an electrical network using low-cost UTP will save automobile manufactures a significant amount of money per vehicle compared to an optical based network.
Xiao Guangyu, manager of AnShun's Information Center, "With G/Electric's ability to support a Geospatial Resource Management environment, we can establish an enterprise facility database capable of using real-time data to monitor the electrical network.
trouble and service order work for KUB's electrical network
Enersource maintains and operates a 10,000 km electrical network serving 175,000 customers in Mississauga, Ontario.
To create this unusual power system, Princess has outfitted its ships with a custom-built state-of-the-art electrical connection cabinet that automatically connects the ship's electrical network to the local electrical network ashore.
A reliable and abundant electrical network is essential to handle such enormous amounts of electrical power, says the analyst of this research service.
EDF Energy operates 100,000 miles of electrical network across London, the South East and eastern England, connecting to eight million homes.
In order to respond in a timely way to the increasing power demands of modern consumers and businesses, utilities need to upgrade the current grid to a "smart grid" that will allow electricity producers to match energy demand with supply efficiently over an integrated, continuously monitored, resistant-to-failure electrical network.
AROUND 170,000 miles of electrical network covering London, the South East and eastern England have been sold by France's EDF in a deal worth pounds 5.
Engineers from NEDL, the company which maintains the country's electrical network, repaired the damaged electrical box and dealt with the wires downed when the telegraph pole was felled.
We're excited to be able to provide a simple, cost-effective and rapidly implemented system for managing FPL's electrical network.
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