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the transmission of heat or electricity or sound

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It can be known that the temperature dependence of electrical conductivity can be expressed by the Arrhenius law as:
Mastitis is a persistent, inflammatory reaction of the udder tissue, which entails a decline in potassium, and is responsible for a higher somatic cell count and electrical conductivity of milk (Gaspardy et al.
The NF ISO 10390 procedure (AFNOR 2002) was used to measure soil pH, whereas electrical conductivity was measured using the NF P 94-050 standard (AFNOR 1995).
In the electrical conductivity test, which allows vigor comparisons between different samples of seeds, the values obtained are due to the disorganization of cell membrane and the decrease of the respiratory and biosynthetic capacity (Coutinho, Silva-Mann, Vieira, Machado, & Machado, 2007).
In the whey protein concentrate emulsion containing 5% oil and 0% lecithin, electrical conductivity increased from 0.
In order to measure the electrical conductivity a proper electrical set up is established and shown in Figure-3 and in Figure-4.
1988), it is also possible to simultaneously determine Ka and the apparent soil electrical conductivity (ECa) (solid-liquid-gas phase), because of the proportionality between the energy attenuation of the emitted signal and the soil ECa (Giese & Tiemann, 1975).
This company's products are said to provide the key characteristics required by these applications, for example electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, lubrication, antiwear, high purity and surface smoothness, etc.
In addition to the electrical conductivity, EM induction is controlled by the period (time scale) of the field fluctuations.
These products all come with a lifetime corrosion warranty, low electrical conductivity in lightning and low heat conductivity in the hot summer.
The 6-page color brochure shows the influence of particle size, structure, and aftertreatment on colorimetric and performance properties such as degree of blackness, hue, jetness, viscosity, pigment black loading, dispersibility, electrical conductivity and gloss.
It also has a homogenous chemical and physical structure and has appropriate electrical conductivity.
Its technical capabilities in the LED (light-emitting diode) market will allow for immediate customer growth while continuing to advance Celanese's engineered materials business across thermal management and electrical conductivity polymer applications.
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