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Synonyms for electromagnetism

magnetism produced by an electric current

the branch of physics concerned with electromagnetic phenomena

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Watson, "The transmission of electric waves round the Earth," Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, vol.
The vector of the electric waves [[??].sub.l] and [[??].sub.t] are defined by substitution of the meaning of [[??].sub.l] and [[??].sub.t] from (11) and (12), respectively, into (25) and (26):
When they erupt, solar flares send massive electric currents into space and sometimes those powerful electric waves strike the earth at speeds of more than a million miles an hour.
"He only won at Redcar last month but I thought he'd like the ground." T h e p a r t n e r s h i p o f Ed McMahon and Richard M u l l e n s e c u r e d t h e Sodexo Prestige Cornwallis Stakes with Electric Waves (7-1).
6.55 1 ELECTRIC WAVES (IRE) (R Mullen) 6-4 2 Good Morning Dubai (IRE) (5-4 Fav) 3 Aurivorous (20-1) 10 ran 13/4, 3.
The winning project, called "Electric Waves," was presented by Hadi Hatit from the Antonine Sisters School in Nabatieh and it aimed at using the movement of sea waves to produce electric power.
said Tuesday they are recalling more than 41,000 units of two cordless phone models because they could generate electric waves of the same frequency as those used by ships and airplanes for distress calls.
''There will be no ghost phenomenon of pictures overlapping due to reflection of electric waves from buildings and mountains,'' said an official at the terrestrial broadcasting division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.
He describes a complicated subject clearly and keeps our attention by giving us interesting facts along the way: the first mobile phone can be dated from 1879; the invisible electric waves emanating from our brains travel for about 200 miles and on and on.
Mitsubishi Electric develops security system using electric waves
This non-surgical procedure delivers tiny electric waves to the skin's surface to kick-start muscle tone and improve the repairing of cells.The overall result from this is firmer skin and tighter muscles.
Mobile phone use is also expected to be featured in the system, as users will be able to find the closest evacuation center and rescue personnel hope to locate buried people by tracking electric waves from mobile phones, they said.
The National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) announced Wednesday that it and the Korea Astronomy Observatory in South Korea have jointly succeeded in viewing electric waves emitted by a star some 5,000 light years from Earth.