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Synonyms for electromagnetism

magnetism produced by an electric current

the branch of physics concerned with electromagnetic phenomena

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Dub Pistols will be one of the acts performing at the Electric Wave festival at Surf Snowdonia, Dolgarrog
The right-hand side of this expression has previously been provided in (21), but some additional work is required because we do not carry the magnetic field in the electric wave equation.
It is noted that, due to the static electric field assumption, there is no independent wave mode in the electric field, whereas the electric wave still can propagate with the elastic wave modes via the constitutive relationship (4).
On the other hand, by action of the longitudinal and transverse ultrasonic waves on the charged ion [5, 6], these ultrasonic waves are transformed into transverse electromagnetic fields with electric wave vectors [[??].sub.l] and [[??].sub.t] which in turn describe the de Broglie wave of charged ions expressed via electric [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] fields of one ion-wave particle in homogeneous medium.
He also had physiotherapy and electric wave therapy to help strengthen his leg muscles for crawling and walking.
The system consists of two pairs of up to 1.5-kilometer-long transceiver cables -- one sending electric waves and the other receiving the waves -- set up in parallel around the area to be monitored plus a censor which detects any distortion in electric wave signals received by the receiver cable.
So, if the electric wave is oscillating in the vertical plane, you have a vertically polarized antenna.
Normally, with each successive heartbeat, an electric wave front propagates across the interconnected muscle fibers of the heart, causing them to con- tract.
It is as Bez that he will be performing as a headline act at the Electric Wave Festival, taking place at Dolgarrog's Surf Snowdonia at the end of next month.
An electric wave of patriotic fervour swept through the mammoth crowds, with the entire site reverberating with deafening roars of the highly-charged masses-most of whom have been deeply affected by graft in public life.
Now, substituting solution [??] from (3) in (4), we find the vector transverse electric wave
He is also having physiotherapy and electric wave therapy to help strengthen his leg muscles for crawling and walking, "He is doing very well.
He is set to return to the region next month as a headline act at Electric Wave, Surf Snowdonia's annual music event.
We note herein that a longitudinal electric wave with frequency [OMEGA] is propagated by velocity [c.sub.l] of ultrasonic wave in the direction OX.
JAPANESE timekeeping moves up a gear with the introduction of a range of Electric Wave watches.