electric potential

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the difference in electrical charge between two points in a circuit expressed in volts

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The general expression for calculating the electric scalar potential in the vicinity (point defined with field vector [?
The closed forms of magnetic vector potential A(r,t) due to current J(r,t) and electric scalar potential [PHI](r,t) due to charge distribution [rho](r,t) are defined as
This element is based on the electric scalar potential formulation, and it is applicable to a 2D electrostatic and time-harmonic quasi-static electric field analyses.
Next, according to Biro and Preis [15] (see also Biro [14] and Biro and Valli [16]) we introduce an electric scalar potential V [member of] [H.
Using expression for electric scalar potential [phi], Poison's equation is obtained as
CPV], the other potential magnitude in (27), denotes the contribution of the n-th div-TO basis function to the Cauchy Principal value of the gradient of the electric scalar potential.