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eel-shaped freshwater fish of South America having electric organs in its body

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of Western Ontario, Canada) frames the human discovery of electricity and its myriad applications as an extension of the evolutionary processes that created electric fish.
Non-visual environmental imaging and object detection through active electrolocation in weakly electric fish.
It appears that electric fish use these signals during social interactions to communicate social behavior, status, and sex.
Most electric fish live in dark, murky waters and rely on their extra sense.
Species differences in effect on electroreceptor input on electric organ pacemakers and others aspects of behavior in electric fish.
For the first time, researchers say, they've found an electric fish sabotaging another fish's electric signals.
2]R occurring not only in key motor telencephalic areas but also in mesencephalic and cerebella regions of the mormyrid electric fish (Han et al.
Electric fish generate energy and produce an electric current from electrocytes which are derived from muscle tissue.
Patrick Engineering (Chicago, Illinois) is providing construction management services for construction of an electric fish barrier, said to be the first of its kind in the midwest.
Deep strings make my heart pulse like blind electric fish
The blind cave fish were to be flown in from the Atlantic Ocean, the electric fish from the mouth of the Nile River.
A second day in the tank can help an electric fish a lot.
Later chapters cover topics such as alternative methods for snail control in aquaculture ponds, a heuristic tool for predicting dispersal of bighead carp in the Mississippi River system, an electric fish dispersal barrier in the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal, and a theoretical strategy for eradication of Asian carp using a Trojan Y chromosome to shift the sex ratio of the population.
Standard blade length for electric fish knives is six inches.
Electric fish that loves a shock: Male elephant nose fish are known to lure females with the help of an electric field.