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a field of force surrounding a charged particle

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Its forming law is analyzed on the basis of temperature cloud chart of laser processing and electric field intensity cloud chart of electrolytic machining.
The variation of the azimuth angle with the light spectral composition determines different values of the light electric field intensity projections on the P2 analyzer transmission direction in the measure beam.
Where, U is the voltage between electrodes (V), d is the distance between electrodes (cm), Emax is the maximum value of the electric field intensity (V cm-1), Eav is the average value of the electric field intensity (V cm-1) and is the field utilisation factor (dependent on the geometry of the electrodes).
These equations can be extended to find the magnetic field intensity from the electric field intensity and the electric flux density by the following equation.
The electric field intensity signals are obtained by placing virtual probes at the far-field (0.
Setting the charged density of the center line X, then from the electric field intensity in the cylindrical cavity, the potential difference between the inner and outer walls of the cylinder was deduced [10],
The regions of high electric field intensity along the two cuts are 90[degrees] out of phase.
The first, as described in an E3-related article in Leading Edge, "is to physically stir the energy within a space using large, electrically conductive tuner assemblies while simultaneously measuring the resultant electric field intensity.
the electric field intensity and the losses in the dielectric depend on temperature and humidity;
Moreover, Babakin (1985) experimentally correlated the electric field intensity in proximity of the tip of a frost crystal with the crystal height to diameter ratio.
The electric field intensity from the surface of the enclosure, due to three conductors at a given point acts simultaneously.
M] is the real part of the dielectric permittivity of the suspending medium, and [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is the magnitude of the electric field intensity (root-mean-squared value).
Electric Field Intensity, E, is complex because the frequencies in a particular section of the earth at any time are a function of the magnetosphere, atmospherics and man-made radio and microwaves.
Pore formation is reversible or irreversible, depending on the electric field intensity, the pulse duration and the number of pulses applied.
The near-field of a dipole antenna has a distribution of electric field intensity that is very different from that given in Equation 1 for the far-field.