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a clock using a small electric motor

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Committee chairman, Alderman Sir Herbert Hiles, told the Echo: "It will take 10 to 12 years to replace the existing clocks by electric clocks.
ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Electric clocks on walls in Anchorage shut down at 5:36 p.
I have similar views about washing machines, electric clocks, and lawnmowers: all useful but unlovely tools.
Every 24 hours, electric clocks run about 5 minutes faster than cell phone clocks or wristwatches in this mountain town east of Eugene off Highway 58.
The idea was that the date and time would set all electric clocks to 00:00:00 and systems across the globe would shut down.
From the humble motor that operates in electric clocks to fans, refrigerators, and washing machines, it has become the most indispensable part of every home.
Two of the early electric clocks by Boulle and Eureka companies made pounds 1,600 and pounds 1,200 respectively.
ELECTRIC clocks throughout Venezuela are ticking too slowly due to a power shortage.
Keep motor-powered devices like electric clocks, radios, fans, and space heaters at least four feet from your bed.
In 1930 Sessions Clock manufactured electric clocks as well as traditional brass movements and timers for radios, televisions and devices.