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a complex of females

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There are classic signs of an Electra complex notably in the warnings from the author's mother and grandparents that she spends far too much time thinking about her father plus her marriage to a man almost twice her age who seems to be almost as garrulous as Orson.
Jaglom addresses the character's Electra complex head-on, and allows Irene and her coterie of friends to sit around discussing their complicated attitudes toward their fathers at length (no one in the film seems to have a job beyond lounging around various parlor rooms and grottos scattered across the glitzier districts of Los Angeles).
It is a widely held misconception that Freud developed the term Electra complex as a feminine correlative to the Oedipus complex (4).
9 An Oedipus complex is a Freudian labelling involving the unconscious sexual love of a son for his mother and a parallel hatred for the father, while an Electra complex centres on a similar passion between daughter and father and an intense dislike for the mother.
Although I agree with the claim that the limited theoretical attention the Electra complex has received is probably fortuitous, leaving as it does room for the proliferation of treatments of the heroine in fictional narrative, the reverse does not quite hold true for Oedipus.