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(Greek mythology) the daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra

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Electra USA offers the range of products that Forend is able to provide, with the added benefit of US market size and contacts.
We're excited that Exponent and Electra Partners, both with impressive track records of building great businesses, share our vision about continuing to develop the most "personal" e-commerce business in Europe, celebrating millions of customers' memories, birthdays and other happy moments.
When considered along these more expansive lines, the notion of ritual in Electra reaches beyond the performance of sacrifice, and ritual misappropriation in the play consistently reinforces the sense of moral chaos established by earlier Atreid crimes and extended by Apollo's punitive mandate.
Electra recognises her brother, and together the siblings plan the murders that Orestes carries out.
Being able to offer bikers the opportunity to learn more about this fast-growing industry is an important reason why we partnered with Madvapes and Electra Vapor-- making them the exclusive vaping sponsors of the event.
The subscription pricing from Radica Software works well for us as we do not need Electra every day and there will be months that we will not be using it.
Through Electra, Europe's new capability will serve the current and future needs of satellite operators in the geostationary segment for smaller satellites.
Acentsa[logical not]" Carmen Electra (@carmenelectra) (https://twitter.
Electra said: "I only have one and I had it put into a glass case because it is such an iconic show - a show that at one time was the number one show worldwide.
Other details of the filing were not revealed, so the automaker's plans for the Electra name remain vague.
In April energy holding Electra announced it plans to build a 100 MW wind power park in the central part of Bulgaria and has already bought 5000 decares of land.
Electra, which acquired Lil-lets, the UK tampon market's second largest brand, in December, also owns ventilation system manufacturer, Nuaire.
The acquisition provides Allflex with an entry into a highly attractive adjacent sector, said Electra Partners, Further growth is anticipated as the group makes use of its combined distribution, technology and product development resources.
General Meeting Electra Private Equity PLC ("Electra" or
Washington, September 27 ( ANI ): Simon Cowell set the rumours mills spinning after he was photographed with 'Baywatch' star Carmen Electra on Sunday night following a dinner at Cecconi's restaurant in West Hollywood, California.