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Synonyms for elective

not compulsory or automatic

Synonyms for elective

a course that the student can select from among alternatives

subject to popular election

not compulsory

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Methods: The cross-sectional study was conducted at Foundation University Medical College, Islamabad, in February 2014, and apprised undergraduates of either gender from second to final year MBBS who had already done medical electives in local or foreign hospitals for 2-4 weeks.
ERIC Descriptors: Foreign Countries; Graduate Medical Education; Elective Courses; Curriculum; Standards
Swedish health and medical care group Capio AB said on Monday (11 September) that its subsidiary Capio Healthcare UK had been awarded 'preferred bidder' status in the UK Government's Phase 2 elective surgery scheme for the locality of Cumbria & Lancashire.
DAU training events that are determined to be electives will be identified using the ACQTAS registration protocols.
Other resident-led electives include classes in needlepoint, quilting, crocheting, yoga-- even Hawaiian hula dancing.
ROP offers elective credits in vocational fields, including printing, banking, drafting, floristry, cosmetology and retailing.
The repetitions for all mandatory procedures and for the electives selected must be documented before applying for the examination.
To receive an AAS degree, officers must earn 96 credits in 3 categories - 24 credits in general requirements, 17 credits in major course requirements, and 55 credits in electives.
The communication department also offers electives in strategic oral communication based on persuasion principles and a class that focuses on communicating with the media during crisis situations.
The electives are designed for students who are working more independently to complete their elective credits.
The CON, IPM, and PUR Functional Advisor, Deidre Lee established a requirement for electives to be completed as part of the certification process.
The school, known in town as ``Santa Su,'' was Ventura County's first high school magnet, allowing students to take electives in performing arts and technology as they matriculated through math, English and history classes.
Disadvantages of this format can be fragmentation of the academic experience; the travel time and expense for students from long distances; the relative lock-step nature of the program, although some electives can be offered; the limited availability of faculty between classes; and the occasionally higher special fees.
In addition, funding for Bass Seminars allows us to offer a third level of learning beyond core courses and traditional electives.