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Besides, the existing CoS election method may elect multiple CoS nodes, so multiple reports of an event may be transmitted to the sink, which will incur high communication overhead.
(65) The development of the Supreme Court's malapportionment decisions and Congress's power over the manner of elections produced the prohibition of alternative election methods other than single-member districts.
* Late GAA election method change is not available for any tax year beginning on or after Jan.
TheHongKongand Macau Affairs Officeunder the Chinese central government'sState Councilsaid in a statement the election method was not in line with the universal suffrage method determined by the Basic Law and National People'sCongress,China's rubber-stamp parliament.
The local government, which currently must notify Beijing of any changes in the election method before implementation, has yet to consult the public about the election, including the forming of a nomination committee, the nomination and the voting procedures.
The ban imposed by the ECP even before the assemblies have been dissolved shows that they will not be allowed this particular type of election method. The ECP has gone to this extent in the prime minister constituency which is meant to set an example that abuse would not be tolerated no matter the personage.
This paper's examination of the legislative election method of picking judges will add more weight to the argument that the merit system comes closest to promoting the constitutional ideal of an independent, fair, and impartial judiciary.
The IRS released final regulations (TD 9539) further simplifying an election method by which taxpayers may use a standard rate to reduce a research credit under IRC [section] 41 in lieu of reducing their research expense deductions.
Prof Leech said: "AV would undoubtedly be an improvement on first-past-thepost - which is just about the worst election method ever devised, because it does not require that the winner gains a majority.
MLR analysis for yield using independent variables to the stepwise variable election method was conducted and based on variables remaining in the equation model of the line was estimated then in 20 percent of samples (test), all of [sub.i] [??] s based on this model again was estimated and the average absolute value relative error : [absolute value of [??]i-Yi] was calculated.
"Although Plaid is in favour of the Single-transferable Vote election method, this jigsaw-puzzle project by the Lib-Dems is a case of cart before horse.
"Once the election process begins by candidates qualifying for the judge position, the election method is the method by which the judicial position is to be filled," the court said in that advisory opinion.
In order to consider trends in executive-election methods, we need to establish what sorts of methods promote bipolarizing and nationalizing effects: (1) an election method that encourages a face-off between two major contenders, and (2) direct election.
The Assembly will set up an independent commission by Easter to examine whether powers should be changed and whether the election method should be altered.
The election method has been criticized as lacking transparency and dominated by behind-the-scenes maneuvering among intraparty factions.
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