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The petitioner and candidate of PTI in by-election Shuaib Siddique has challenged the ban imposed by ECP on Chairman Imran Khan for running election campaign.
14(SUNA)- The Mechanism for Using Mass Media during election campaign held its second meeting at the National Election Commission(NEC) and discussed equal opportunities for candidates who will compete in the coming general elections.
With the general elections on the 25 th of January quickly approaching and main opposition party SYRIZA leading the polls, New Democracy has begun to intensity its election campaign by appealing to undecided conservative voters.
6 per cent students find political rallies appealing while over 36 per cent find election campaign through social media more appealing and accessible.
52 percent of TRT Haber's broadcast of election campaigns was given to the ruling AK Party, 5.
the Commission is not satisfied with the explanation furnished by you in reply to the Commission's above referred notice; The Commission hereby conveys its concern, and cautions you to be more careful in the election campaigns of your party in future.
We believe that the election legislation and the law on funding political parties closely define sufficient mechanisms for funding both the regular operations and the election campaigns.
5 million, whereas those for the Provincial Assembly seats had to maintain their election campaign expenses within Rs one million.
BAGHDAD, April 6 (KUNA)-- Up to 10 people were killed and 25 others were injured in an explosion near an election campaign center in Diyala Province northeast of the city of Baghdad, a source in the Iraqi police said on Saturday.
Experts mostly from the USA are working on the election campaigns of a few Albanian political parties.
The Central Election Commission said it receives complaints about launched election campaigns by some political parties saying this contradicts to the law.
By James Gatdet Dak February 13, 2010 (JUBA) -- The President of the semi-autonomous Southern Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayardit, has warned the contesting ministers for various seats in their respective constituencies not to incite conflicts among the people during their election campaigns.
Since David Cameron took over as Tory party leader, Mr Maude has been responsible for organising the party's election campaigns.
In Los Angeles alone, 39 churches, synagogues and Buddhist temples were identified by political candidates as contributing more than $15,000 to their election campaigns since 1998, according to city Ethics Commission records.
COUNCIL leaders in Solihull have signed up to a race relations agreement which governs their election campaigns.