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a member of a municipal legislative body (as a city council)

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Top sources said the newly elected councillors were not felicitated since the MCD poll results.
Right now, there are 7 elected councillors but 6 government appointed commissioners.
I think he is thinking along the right lines, but I would remind him that the elected councillors are in their positions by the will of the council taxpayers to represent the interests and views of the council taxpayers and oversee the actions or inactions of the unelected bureaucrats who now run the council.
SIR - As an elected councillor every revelation from Pembrokeshire makes me cringe (Western Mail, November 29).
Caerphilly council officers have also unilaterally submitted a formal response on behalf of Caerphilly County Borough Council to the Welsh Government consultation on waste, strongly opposing the separate collection of waste without obtaining approval of elected councillors.
We expect everyone else to pay up, so it is important that elected councillors set an example.
Also Sampanthan alleged that Military Intelligence Officers are contacting the elected Councillors of TNA and trying to win over them by threat, intimidation and inducement.
But 11 of 15 Tory councillors have joined all other Coventry councillors in opposing having an elected mayor to replace the leader and cabinet system of ten elected councillors.
The council is not run by the leader at present, it is run by the elected councillors in the cabinet, whereas the proposed mayor would run it with a cabinet of his/ her choice, who are unlikely to be elected councillors - they may be well-paid mates of the mayor.
Since 2003 elected councillors have been able to opt into the LGPS, which handles the pensions of millions of local authority employees.
A failure by elected councillors to listen to and recognise the scale of opposition and the flaws in these proposals will see the electorate's response at the ballot box.
Now even the 84 elected councillors cannot use the authority's network to access the site, also banned by the Met police and Transport for London.
Casual vacancies arise when here are not enough elected Councillors in a particular state to ill the positions available in that rate.
But an Executive spokesman said existing arrangements, under which elected councillors were appointed to the boards, were adequate.
An official said here on Wednesday that Administrator DHA Brig Zubair Ahmed felicitated the newly elected councillors and hoped that they would effectively raise the resident's problems at the right forum and in a right manner to voice their sentiments.