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an institution where people are cared for

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A number of officials from the Ministry of Social Affairs headed by Ibrahim Al-Manee, GM of the ministry office in Riyadh, and Khader Al-Zahrani, manager of the Elderly Care Center in Riyadh, attended the event.
8M acquisition loan for Punta Gorda Elderly Care Center on behalf of Punta Gorda Acquisitions Associates, LLC, a subsidiary of Evergreen Realty Group.
Birth certificates are hard," said Mark Kinkade, owner of the Gateway Gardens elderly care center in Springfield.
It appears to be the first outbreak of tuberculosis at an elderly care center in Japan,'' a prefectural government official said.
None of the companies offer an elderly care center.
The Punta Gorda Elderly Care Center is a 56-unit, 22,271 square foot senior living community located in Punta Gorda, FL.
Connected to this project are 12 solitary short-term and 15 day care places with an elderly care center and a stationary house community with 12 places (unsupported) of the elderly.