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a narrow band of elastic rubber used to hold things (such as papers) together

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It read: "Hi all, we are at an all-time low - can you please give whatever elastic bands you can spare to the porters when they are doing the pick-ups later.
After making the framework of a replica of the famous Globe Theatre, using just elastic bands and dowling rods, all 67 children involved were able to clamber inside.
Use some raffia or ribbon and tie it on top of the elastic bands to hide them.
Aside from its elastic bands, Doorguard[TM] has also received recognition for being environmentally-friendly.
There has only been one study to date that has carried out concurrent validation of the OMNI-RES for other kinds of materials that are not based on weight for strength training, as is the case with elastic bands (Colado et al.
Thousands of children have become hooked on the loom band craze, making bracelets, necklaces and trinkets out of small coloured elastic bands.
Loom Bands are multicoloured elastic bands that can be made into bracelets.
Last, the kids tied elastic bands around their ankles and tried to walk that way.
Elastic bands pull at your hair so never use them to secure a ponytail.
The exhibition was created by the museum alongside Hi-Cone and is a celebration of designs displaying the highest levels of functionality and utility; from teabags to plastic multipack ring carriers, elastic bands to paper clips, and other products we cannot live without.
Dorothy Simpson, Mile End, East London RATHER than just throwing out old rubber gloves, cut strips from the cuffs to make very useful and tough elastic bands.
1845: Elastic bands were patented by Stephen Perry at a firm of vulcanised rubber makers in England.
With a dirty wash, the jacket has an amazing vintage aspect that is also characterized by the elastic bands on the wrists, neck and waist.
Here's a sad but true story: In Ontario, lots of mail carriers threw elastic bands on the ground.