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The other important non-mangrove pollen types which are present in this zone are Elaeocarpus and Eugenia, which are locally subject to transportation by tidal action and are common species of riparian vegetation in Sarawak (Malaysia).
This range also records some prominent peaks from the riparian type pollens which are represented by Elaeocarpus and Eugenia.
And on the island of Mauritius the introduction of both the strawberry guava plant and monkeys has brought the small tree Elaeocarpus bojeri (a species so rare that it has not been given a common name) quite literally to the brink of extinction as the few specimens that remain cling to the side of a hillside.
Quercus lamellosa, Lithocarpus spicatus, Elaeocarpus lanceaefolius, Michilus edulis, Michelia spp.
pseudoverticill + Streblus ilicifolius, Antidesma montanum, Ostodes paniculata, Vatica mangachapoi, Elaeocarpus sylvestris + Litchi chinensis + Lasiococca comberi var.
These species are: Casearia commersoniana, Cecropia pachistachia, Landenbergia cuyabensis, Piper arboreum and Piper gaudichaudianum, Ramnidium elaeocarpus, Zanthoxylon riendelianum and Ricinus communis, being the latter the only exotic plant.
flower, foliage, and concept tree) species, such as magnolia, ginkgo, and Elaeocarpus decipiens.
Riparian forest in much of the area appears to have many of the same species as the Kenarin-Menungau-Kamsia stunted swamp forest, but is characterized by the presence of typical riparian species such as Gluta renghas (rengas) and Lagerstroemia speciosa (bungur), along with Antidesma stipulare (engkunik), Artocarpus teysmannii (cempedak air), Dillenia excelsa (ringin), Elaeocarpus cf.
121 Elaeocarpaceae Elaeocarpus mastersii King 122 Elaeocarpus sphaerocarpa 123 Elaeocarpus submonoceras Miq.
The latter include varied mixtures of angiosperms other than Nothofagus (Beilschmiedia, Weinmannia, Elaeocarpus, Metrosideros, and Quintinia are among the most important genera) and a number of conifers belonging mainly to the family Podocarpaceae.
Vegetative architecture of Elaeocarpus hookerianus.
Pritchardia palms and Dodonaea viscosa (a small tree or shrub) are apparently common among the larger taxa, and there are more limited representations of Nestegis sandwicensis, Pouteria, Colubrina, and other types whose counts are too limited to represent in the diagram (Diospyros, Elaeocarpus, Erythrina sandwicensis, Nothocestrum, and others).
in the Taiwan area, have been matched to extant Elaeocarpus.