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Massagetov, Alkaloids of plants of the family Elaeagnaceae.
I, "Components of certain species of the Elaeagnaceae family" Chemistry of Natural Compounds, 37(2): 97-116 (2001)
In folk medicines, Elaeagnus angustifolia (Elaeagnaceae) is a Mediterranean medicine representative of the family Elaeagnaceae, commonly named oleaster, which is cultivated in north American, Eurasia as far southwards as Malaysia, Australia, northern regions of Asia to the Himalayas and Europe and for centuries in the desert and sub desert regions of western Asia including Iran (32-35).
Russian olive, Narrow-leaved oleaster), of the Elaeagnaceae family, is a deciduous tree introduced as ornamental into the Middle Valley of the Rio Negro (39[degrees]30'S, 65[degrees]30'W; Table I).
Palla 13 Scirpus pallidus (Britton) Fernald X ELAEAGNACEAE (Oleaster Family) Shepherdia argentea (Pursh) Nutt.