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(oceanography) a warm ocean current that flows along the equator from the date line and south off the coast of Ecuador at Christmas time

the Christ child

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The agency added the overall SST pattern was inconsistent with a developing El Nino, meaning that further ocean warming and El Nino development remained unlikely.
The current full-blown El Nino was noticeable back in June.
However, WMO said the El Nino is expected to weaken in the coming months and fade away during the second quarter of 2016.
The El Nino of 1997-1998 was the worst in modern records for Zimbabwe.
Based on the 26 El Nino events since 1900, about 50% have been followed by a neutral year with 40% by La Nina, according to Australia's weather bureau.
It is predicted that El Nino will bring up to 35 inches of rainfall which increases the likelihood of urban flooding, flash flooding and mudslides throughout many areas of Southern California.
A big El Nino guarantees nothing," said Mike Halper, deputy director of the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration's Climate Prediction Center.
The Australian weather bureau said the tropical Pacific Ocean is on track to borderline El Nino with rainfall patterns around the ocean's basin exhibiting the phenomenon's conditions.
Mike Halpert, acting director of NOAA's Climate Prediction Center, says the El Nino warming should develop by this summer, but that there are no guarantees.
It is notoriously hard to make a prediction before the "spring barrier" as to whether there will be an El Nino in a given year.
This is due to a newly-discovered phenomenon El Nino Modoki -- which causes warm, moist conditions in the central Pacific Ocean and dry cold conditions in the eastern and western Pacific.
Influence of the El Nino climatic event on dengue transmission dynamics in Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia
Summary: The Japan Meterological Agency announced that its climate models indicate a strong possibility of El Nino weather patterns emerging this summer, linked to heavy rainfall and droughts.