El Misti

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the world's 2nd largest active volcano

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Situated in the shadow of El Misti, a 6,000m volcano, the city has very similar traits to Cuzco but quieter and a bit more classy.
Here, the adventurous can climb El Misti, a live volcano standing 6,000m above sea level which overlooks Peru's second-largest city.
Alli estaban tantas cosas conocidas hasta entonces solo de oidas: las casas de sillar; el Misti y los volcanes; la casita donde naci, que me mostraron, en el Boulevard Parra, el queso helado y las pastas de La Iberica.
The last of Luke's regular e-mail's said he was planning a four-day solo jungle trek in Bolivia before tackling the 19,000ft mountain volcano El Misti in Peru.
Sunny Arequipa, a city with classical, Spanish colonial buildings, with a backdrop of snow-capped El Misti (a dormant volcano) was a welcome venue for miners and metallurgists from around the world to contemplate the past century as well as the future millennium.