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city in east central Ukraine on the Dnieper River

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For years, researchers have focused their attention on those provinces of the Russian Empire--Bessarabia, Kherson, Kiev, Ekaterinoslav, and Chernigov--that witnessed the most fearsome outbreaks of anti-Jewish violence and accounted for the highest casualties and the costliest damage to Jewish property.
While at the seminary in Ekaterinoslav he encountered monks who were disciples of Paissy Velitchkovsky (1722-94), of Moldavia.
In a slim 1921 literary collection published by the Ekaterinoslav branch of the Kultur-lige, Markish compared "the leap forward," from the sentimental poet David Einhorn to the modernist David Hofshtein, with the Red Army's rapid manoeuvre from the Caspian Sea to the Vistula River.
The Anatra Aircraft Works in Odessa and Simferopol publicly announces that the first air mail route in Russia, from Odessa to Ekaterinoslav, will soon be launched, using an Anasal aeroplane, which can take aboard and deliver up to 4,000 pieces of mail.
According to Agapit, bishop of Ekaterinoslav and Mariupol', in a report of 1916, `the soldiers' wives who pray so fervently in church.
Her mother was born Margarethe Toews in Ekaterinoslav.
Most of the peaceful population of Ekaterinoslav welcomed the Germans, for their arrival prevented the occupation of the Ukraine by the Bolsheviks or by unorganized bands that would massacre people and destroy property.
Much admired by the empress, these resulted, in 1795, in him being appointed chief architect to Prince Zubov, the Governor of the new Ekaterinoslav and Crimean provinces in the south.
Rainer Lindner's chapter on Ekaterinoslav and Guido Hausmann's on the student movement in Odessa review their prior work on these towns, while the contributions of Iurii Petrov and James West on late imperial Moscow's business elite are based on their earlier research.
Petersburg, [10] where he also began his professional career, and subsequently conducted and taught in Ekaterinoslav (now Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine) and Vilna.
The account concentrates on Moscow and Petrograd but also covers strikes as far afield as Saratov, Ekaterinoslav, the Donbass, and the Urals.
Rapid industrialization and urbanization changed the towns of Ekaterinoslav and Lugansk from bucolic settlements into industrial cities and caused the entirely new industry town of Iuzovka to emerge.
The focal point of Charters Wynn's study of the working class in the Ukraine's iron and coal belt is October 1905: in that month workers in Ekaterinoslav and elsewhere in the region mounted an impressive general strike that as part of the national strike wrested the October Manifesto from Nicholas II; a few days later many of those same workers took part in devastating pogroms in Ekaterinoslav and other cities.
Renzinov to the Congress ofSouthern Zemsrvos in 1910: Trudy oblastnogo s'ezda predstavitelei zemsw i sel "skikh khoziaiev Iuga Rossii: Ekaterinoslav 7-go sentiabria 1910 goda, 4 vols.
The fascination with local cultures and religions gave birth to ethnographic and archaeological museums in places such as Novgorod, Vladimir, Samara, Astrakhan, Vladikavkaz, Kherson, Ekaterinoslav, and Minsk that collected, preserved, and displayed their respective regional identities.