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Russian film maker who pioneered the use of montage and is considered among the most influential film makers in the history of motion pictures (1898-1948)

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Tretyakov's early plays led directly to Eisenstein's highly influential theory of 'the montage of attractions', while later his ideas were crucial in the formation of Bertolt Brecht's theory of epic theatre.
Eisenstein lies to Rosalinde and says that he is heading off to jail but goes to the ball.
Eisenstein sempre se interessou pelas relacoes entre o cinema e outras artes--vinculacao que ele considerou como "realmente organica", "em particular com o cinema norte-americano", e a "linha genetica de descendencia" ser para ele "bastante consistente" (EISENSTEIN, 2002, p.
New Delhi [India], Jan 22 ( ANI ): Google on Monday dedicated its doodle to Soviet film director and film theorist, Sergei Eisenstein, on his 120th birth anniversary.
IN HIS MEMOIR, Beyond the Stars, Sergei Eisenstein opens the chapter devoted to his drawings with an admission that is both candid and deeply ironic: "In the first place, I never learned to draw." His formal art education was, indeed, limited.
Lavishly budgeted with expensive sets, costumes, and authentic period props, Eisenstein made use of this status to take his time, continually run over budget, and stubbornly ignore deadlines.
It concerns the "revenge" of Dr Falke who was once humiliated by his friend, Eisenstein, while dressed as a bat.
No campo dos Estudos de Cinema, o termo "contraponto" ficou celebre como meta das relacoes entre som e imagem no filme, desde a famosa e bastante citada Declaracao sobre o futuro do cinema sonoro, de Sergei Eisenstein, Vsevolod Pudovkin e Grigori Alexandrov (Eisenstein, 2002a).
A few weeks ago, I went to a retreat led by philosopher Charles Eisenstein, who has written books with such titles as 'The Ascent of Humanity' and 'The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible.' I particularly needed at that moment a communion with people who still believe in the fundamental goodness of humanity after a particularly savage week of being bombarded by Donald Trump's filth and the failures of kindness in many parts of the world.
The recent popularity of the genre and the development of both trauma theory and scholarly inquiry into life writing have, in a way, though of course not directly, led to the appearance of Bernice Eisenstein's I Was a Child of Holocaust Survivors (2006) classified as a graphic novel and an illustrated memoir (Harris 2008: 129).
It is not known how Judah David Eisenstein gained the opportunity to end this decade of silence as he made his way onto the society's rostrum on December 26, 1900 to speak about the lives of his fellow Russian Jews on the Lower East Side.