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Synonyms for iceberg

a large mass of ice floating at sea


lettuce with crisp tightly packed light-green leaves in a firm head

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Pregnant women are very aware of what they eat and drink, and many miss the enjoyment of their favourite glass of wine," said Eisberg brand manager Fran Draper.
I well remember several happy Sundays in Pen Llyn having crab salad in Penbrynbach, beyond Aberdaron, having the obligatory bottle of Eisberg.
But Mr Eisberg added that Teesside industry's reliance on gas rather than oil could see firms avoid the worst of the price rises.
Eisberg spokeswoman Emily Gleed said, ``Our survey shows that we Brits may have good intentions for avoiding alcohol but we are increasingly frustrated by rip-off prices and poor choice.
ERI") (NASDAQ:ERII), a global leader of ultra-high-efficiency energy recovery products and technology for desalination, announced that the company recruited seasoned water treatment applications veteran and membrane housing expert Douglas Eisberg to be the company's Product Director.
Add a sprig of rosemary, half a stock cube in 300ml of boiling water and 150g Eisberg Chardonnay.
Eisberg is a range of surprisingly drinkable alcohol-free wines - a fresh Italian chardonnay, a crisp German Riesling, a mellow Spanish rose and a newly launched cabernet sauvignon.
Except for the quantum numbers, Eisberg and Resnick [6, Example 8-3] find a similar result for the energy due to spin-orbit interaction.
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Jill Eisberg has resigned as chief executive of The Dairy Council.
JILL EISBERG (Mrs), chief executive, The Dairy Council.
Neil Eisberg, spokesman for the Chemicals Industry Association, of which Ineos is a member, said any crises faced by major players were likely to ripple through the sector.
Jill Eisberg, Head of Communications at The Dairy Council said, "The big budget soft drinks industry wins again
SAN FRANCISCO & NEW YORK -- One Source Visual Marketing Solutions, CEO, Andrew Eisberg announces the opening of the company's west coast headquarters in San Francisco, on March 1st, 2008.
Now I'm going the full hog with Eisberg alcohol-free chardonnay (Co-op and Tesco, EUR3.