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the basic monetary unit of most members of the European Union (introduced in 1999)

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Desempenho do transporte em cada sistema Sistemas Parametros Picado Fardo Fardo Briquetagem a algodo cilindrico granel eiro Carga 6 10 11,5 35 efetiva (1) Viagens (2) 156 100 87 29 Caminhoes (3) 18 9 9 3 Sistemas Parametros Peletizacao Colheita integral Carga 35 28 efetiva (1) Viagens (2) 29 36 Caminhoes (3) 3 5 (1)Carga efetiva (Mg) do caminhao para uma capacidade volumetrica da carga de 80 m3 (2) Numero de viagens realizadas pelos caminhoes nos sistemas, para transportar 1000 Mg dia-1 (3) Quantidade de caminhoes para transportar 1000 Mg dia-1 Tabela 4.
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Despite some dramatic reduction since the 1950s, gender-based pay gaps are averaged higher in the United States (76%) than in the Scandinavian countries (over 80%) and are also higher than the averaged gender pay gap among industrial societies (78%) in the European Union (Blau & Kahn, 1992; EIRO 2001).
Source: OECD estimates based on European Labour Force Survey and EIRO (2002), "Working Time Developments--2002", www.
EIRO (2003a) shows that in 2002 out of 18 European countries Norway has the fifth lowest collectively agreed full-time working hours (37.
If Scotland win that game only an Iceland victory in Germany will rob Berti Vogts' side of a place in the Eiro 2004 play-offs.
The word is made up of the root ebo, from the Yoruba word ebo ('sacrifice', 'offering') and the Portuguese suffix eiro.