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an arbitrary constant in the equations of general relativity theory

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Last year WMAP scientists announced that, if you assume the geometry of space is flat and dark energy works like Einstein's cosmological constant (as seem likely), then H0 is 71.
This discovery has brought into being the concept of dark energy, which may be linked to Einstein's cosmological constant.
Shortly after Einstein published his general relativity theory, the Dutch physicist, Willem de Sitter, solved the general relativity equations without Einstein's cosmological constant to describe what appeared to be a static unchanging universe.
There is significant observational evidence for the detection of Einstein's cosmological constant ([LAMBDA]), or a component of material content of the universe that varies only slowly with time and space and so acts like [LAMBDA].
The main issues discussed in Time, Space and Philosophy are the meaning of the relativity of simultaneity, the solution to the twin paradox, the conventionality of geometry and of topology, the compatibility of relationalism and relativity, the possibility of backwards causation and the possibility of time travel, the nature and role of Einstein's cosmological constant, the nature of black holes and explanations of the big bang.
The researchers' calculations show that if gravitational waves are found to travel at the speed of light, this would rule out alternative gravity theories, with no dark energy, in support of Einstein's Cosmological Constant," the University of Edinburgh said in a statement, referring to the repulsive force that Einstein included in - and later retracted from - the field equations of general relativity.
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