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Synonyms for Eimeriidae

a family of protoctist in the order Coccidia

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Taxonomically, Caryospora species, belong to Eukaryota domain, Corticata superkingdom, Chromista kingdom, Harosa subkingdom, Halvaria infrakingdom, Alveolata superphylum, the Miozoa phylum, Myzozoa subphylum, Avicomplexa infraphylum, the Sporozoa superclass, Coccidiomorphea class, Coccidia subclass, the Eimeriida order, and the Eimeriidae family and consists of cyst-forming protozoan parasites found in the intestine of various species of reptiles and birds.
The Eimeriidae (Apicomplexa) of raptors: review of literature and description of new species of genera Caryospora & Eimeria.
A guideline for the preparation of species descriptions in the Eimeriidae.
Según la taxonomía actual, el género Eimeria forma parte de la siguiente clasificación: clase Sporozoasida, subclase Coccidiosina, orden Eucoccidiorida, suborden Eimeriodina, familia Eimeriidae, géneros Eimeria e Isospora (14).
They propose separating mammalian species with Stieda bodies into the family Eimeriidae and retaining those without Stieda bodies in the family Sarcocystidae.
The organism's link to the Eimeriidae extends to the genus level through use of molecular phylogenetic analysis techniques (1).
This indicated that Isospora of the Siberian tiger, as well as other Isospora species, should belong to the Family Sarcocystidae, rather than the Family Eimeriidae.
Key words: 18S rDNA, Family Eimeriidae, Isospora, phylogenetic analysis, Siberian tiger, Family Sarcocystidae.