Eighteenth Amendment

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an amendment to the Constitution of the United States adopted in 1920

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The Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973, was passed by the Parliament in 2010, which brought major changes to the said Constitution, including the abolition of the Concurrent Legislative List.30 The effect of the abolition resulted into giving the subject of environment for purposes of legislation and administration to the Provinces, as it is mentioned in the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973, that items not listed in the Federal Legislative List shall be the exclusive domain of the Provinces.31
Initially, before the Eighteenth Amendment (2010), the constitution had the two legislative lists, viz., The Federal Legislative List (FLL) and The Concurrent List.
With the implementation of the Eighteenth Amendment, total financing for EPI is expected to flow from the provincial allocations from 2014 onwards.
Centre- province relations may take different turn in the context of present changed scenario after the establishment of Gilgit-Baltistan Province and eighteenth amendment. All stake holders in Balochistan should be given due consideration so that the sense of deprivation may not increase in any group.
President of Pakistan and Chief Justice of Supreme court, to appoint judges for superior judiciary through the process of consultation; (Article 177 before Constitution Eighteenth Amendment Act, 2010) of course the President in parliamentary democracy is to act on the advice of the Prime Minister (Article 90, Constitution of Pakistan).
The cabinet has been dissolved under the Eighteenth Amendment that
The repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment, which banned the sale and manufacture of alcohol in the United States, boosted rent prices in Manhattan 77 years ago this month, as restaurants and liquor stores rushed to open new locations.
After discussing the cultural conflict of the 1920s, the causes of prohibition, and outlining the basics of the eighteenth amendment and the Volstead Act, this Illinois high school teacher, split his AP US history class into small groups, gave each group a different court case in its entirety, and asked them to ascertain what happened in their case using the "What's the Story?" analysis sheet.
Justice Chaudhry said this while heading a 17-member larger bench hearing constitutional petitions filed against Eighteenth Amendment in the Constitution.
Pakistan, May 16 -- THE passage of Eighteenth Amendment bill marked the culmination of the turmoil which had been brewing in the Hindko speaking region of Hazara in the Khyber Pukhtunkhwa province.
The special remission, which triggered the protest fast, was awarded on April 9 to celebrate the approval of the Constitution ( Eighteenth Amendment) Bill by the National Assembly.
Lerner traces these developments in considerable detail, all of it supporting his observation that, far from uniting New Yorkers in a common reform cause, the Eighteenth Amendment instead "had polarized New York between irreconcilable dry and wet camps, one bent on enforcing Prohibition at any cost and the other set on rebelling against it" (page 59).
They published literature showing the harmful effects of alcohol--from insanity to poverty to poor education--and got their wish in 1919 when the Eighteenth Amendment was ratified.
In her study of Jewish responses to the American temperance movement, Davis reverses our linear, progressive understanding of Jewish integration into American society, demonstrating how Jews' role as alcohol entrepreneurs and their alignment with liberal antiprohibition forces helped them achieve success and acculturation during the nineteenth century, only to become festering public-relations problems for them after the passage of the Eighteenth Amendment in 1919.
This volume provides high school students with a detailed account of the origins of the Prohibition movement, the political machinations that produced the Eighteenth Amendment, the mob wars over the alcohol trade, and the reasons for the repeal of Prohibition.