water hyacinth

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a tropical floating aquatic plant having spikes of large blue flowers

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Persisten especies autoctonas, como Thalia geniculata, que crece asociada a Eichornia crassipes (Fig.
Pistia stratiotes, Eichornia crassipes and Dichanthium annulatum were found to play comparatively key role in uptaking of heavy metals.
Toxicity and bioaccumulation potential of Cr (VI) and Hg (II) on differential concentration by Eichornia crassipes in hydroponic culture.
1995) encontro pequenas poblaciones de Eichornia crassipes, Pistia stratiotes y Paspalidium geminatum, en este trabajo fueron mas frecuentes en algunos canales y cuerpos de agua.
Eichornia crassipes son caracteristicos de ambiente eutroficados y toleran niveles relativamente bajos de oxigeno disuelto.
Most of the littoral zone is covered by large banks of aquatic macrophytes, such as Eleocharis interstincta, Typha domingensis, Eichornia crassipes and Nynphaea sp.
The world's most invasive aquatic weed, Eichornia crassipes (waterhyacinth) rafts on the slow moving currents of the Rio Grande and lodges in the giant reed/common reed zone.
Water hyacinth, Eichornia crassipes, has lovely blue flowers and its stems and roots are ideal for fish to lay their eggs.
04 [micro]g/g, were obtained in 1986 for Victoria amazonica and Eichornia crassipes, respectively (Martinelli et al.
2001), em trabalhos com a macrofita Eichornia crassipes, encontraram valores de correlacao de -0,91 e -0,81 para as concentracoes de Cd na raiz e na parte aerea em relacao ao crescimento relativo das plantas.
4 1 0 0 Baccharidastrum argutum 1 0 0 Carex luridiformis 1 0 0 Castilleja arvensis 1 0 0 Conyza floribunda 1 0 0 Eichornia crassipes 1 0 0 Eleocharis stenocarpa 1 0 0 Erectithes valerianaefolia 1 0 0 Gratiola bogotensis 1 0 0 Hypochoeris radicata 1 0 0 Ludwigia peploides 1 0 0 Ludwigia peruviana 1 0 0 Myriophilum aquaticum 1 0 0 Polygonum aviculare 1 0 0 Scutelaria racemosa 1 0 0 Solanum americanum 1 0 0 Taraxacum sp.