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Eichhornia crassipes used during testing was grown in a greenhouse under ambient light and photoperiod at the United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Services, Invasive Plant Research Laboratory in Davie, Florida.
Otros estudios han caracterizado los macroinvertebrados asociados a raices de Eichhornia crassipes en cienagas del bajo Sinu (Quiros et al.
Experiments were started with wild newly emerged nymphs to include a high number of individuals in the data analysis; thus, the duration of first-instar nymphs was determined from nymphs that hatched from ovipositions contained in Eichhornia plants in the summer of 2006.
Entre las especies que registran su distribucion mas septentrional en nuestro pais estan Cabomba palaeformis, Crinum erubescens, Echinodorus andrieuxii, Eichhornia heterosperma, Eleocharis mutata, Heteranthera oblongifolia, Hydrocleys parviflora, Nymphaea amazonum y Pontederia rotundifolia.
Material examinado LPC Sitio Tipo de muestra Fecha 9938 Cienaga de Paticos Epifiton en Eichhornia 01/03/2007 azurea (Swartz) Kunth 9943 Cienaga de Ayapel Epifiton en Paspalum 01/09/2006 repens Bergius 9944 Cienaga de Paticos Epifiton en Utricularia 01/08/2006 repens Bergius 9953 Cienaga de Playa Epifiton en Eichhornia 01/12/2006 Blanca crassipes (Martius) Solms-Laubach 9969 Cienaga de Ayapel Epifiton en Eichhornia 01/01/2008 crassipes (Martius) Solms-Laubach 9972 Quebrada Quebradona Epifiton en Eichhornia 01/09/2006 heterosperma Alexander 9975 Cano Barro Epifiton en Eichhornia 01/09/2006 heterosperma Alexander 9976 Cienaga de La Miel Epifiton en Eichhornia 01/08/2006 heterosperma Alexander
Mediante observaciones de campo, se pudo apreciar que esta comunidad se encuentra asociada a Eichhornia crassipes que forma pequenos camalotales junto con esta comunidad.
1]) is totally covered by floating, emergent, and sub-emergent aquatic macrophyte, represented mainly by Eichhornia crassipes, Typha sp.
It is host- specific to aquatic plants in the genera Eichhornia and Pontederia (Adis & Junk 2003, Adis & Victoria 2001); however, different populations generally only have access to either E.
Entre las especies vegetales, se destacan por su abundancia: Eichhornia crassipes, Pistia stratiotes, Neptunia plena, N.
Accumulation of mercury was maximum in Hydrilla verticillata, followed by Oedogonium areolatum and Eichhornia crassipes.
Breeding system, Eichhornia, enantiostyly, optimization scheme, phylogeny, Pontederiaceae, self-fertilization, tristyly.
1983, Morgan and Barrett 1988; and Eichhornia paniculata: Barrett et al.
Last, she added a free-floating water hyacinth Eichhornia crassipes).