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German bacteriologist who found a 'magic bullet' to cure syphilis and was a pioneer in the study of immunology (1854-1915)


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We wound up putting together a number in three hours that wasn't on paper before," recalls Ehrlich.
Ehrlich and Hazel Torres shared a vision for improving dental assisting education.
The subject matter isn't happy, but it sounds really happy," Ehrlich says.
If I've influenced the awards show landscape, that's what it is," says Ehrlich, who marks his 35th anniversary as producer of the Grammys this year.
Ehrlich will provide leadership for the financial operations of Rose and strategic counsel to Rose's senior management as it focuses on the growth of the company's various divisions including development and third party services.
Ehrlich and his team are presently increasing the accuracy and speed of the cytology scanner for commercial use.
Paul Sabin explores a half-century of environmental policy and environmentalism through the lens of two outsized personalities--biologist Paul Ehrlich and economist Julian Simon.
In June, Ehrlich arrived to document the disaster and its aftermath, interweaving witness interviews with personal testimony, poetry, diary excerpts, and Buddhist reflections on transience.
Ehrlich joins Blank Rome from Fowler White Burnett, P.
He was born in Chelsea the son of Bernard and Celia (Marcus) Ehrlich and lived in Worcester for 47 years.
No es gratuito entonces que Paul Ehrlich se considere figura central en el nacimiento de la quimioterapia y la inmunologia, aparte de genio y mesias de la medicina, entre muchos de los atributos que se le han endilgado.
LANCASTER -- Scott Ehrlich is convinced his latest downtown project will be an eye-popper.
Thus, in studying the gestural aspects of prayer, Ehrlich (who teaches in Ben-Gurion University's Goldstein-Goren Department of Jewish Thought) does groundbreaking, pioneering, work.
MARYLAND GOVERNOR ROBERT Ehrlich in June fired a Catholic transit official who had said on television that homosexuality was "sexual deviancy.