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Russian novelist (1891-1967)

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Ehrenberg is based in Sax’s New York City office and focuses on the manufacturing and distribution industry.
Ehrenberg said the BNY-DC focuses its leasing efforts on companies that will provide quality jobs that are accessible to local residents.
The Ehrenbergs received $1,274,313 after deduction of state and federal taxes while the vendor of the winning ticket received $17,948 - 1 per cent of the total prize.
"When we're looking for an FM, we're typically looking for great leadership skills, strategy around the business and FM provision, an understanding of the connection between hard services and soft services, and really strong collaborative skills," Ehrenberg says.
Reader response to the article was overwhelming, with many thanking Ehrenberg for her well-balanced approach and other readers still not convinced of the story's conclusions.
"Its true that the share of tenure track and tenured faculty nationwide continues to go down, but more and more of these institutions are hiring full-time, non-tenure-track people often with the expectation that there's going to be a fairly permanent relationship, if they perform well with the institution," Ehrenberg said.
Magnetic also announced that it raised a USD 25m round of equity funding led by Edison Partners with the participation from Charles River Ventures, ORIX Ventures, the Honeywell pension, Jonathan Kraft, Roger Ehrenberg, and others.
The rotifer has toes of equal length like Monommata aequalis (Ehrenberg, 1830), but differs from it having a smaller body and uniformly wide blade-like toes, which to our knowledge are dissimilar from the previously described Monommata taxa.
[15.] Shadrin IA (2004) Protistoplankton and test objects Paramecium caudatum (Ehrenberg, 1833), and Photobacterium phosphoreum (Cohn, 1878) in assessment of the quality of water in reservoirs of the Yenisei River, abstract from thesis of Candidate of Biological Sciences, Samara State University, Samara, p.
In April, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio reappointed Ehrenberg as president of the recently landmarked Brooklyn Navy Yard, the 300-acre former shipbuilding facility that's rapidly becoming a thriving business and design hub.
The Paramus Police Chief Kenneth Ehrenberg said the investigation has been still on going and the male gunman was in black and wearing a black helmet as well.
The students were supervised by Dr Stephen Neville Ehrenberg, professor and Shell Chair in petroleum geosciences at SQU's Oil and Gas Research Center.
Darin and Jodi Bobysud bought Miniblinds & More from Richard and Shirley Ehrenberg in June 2007.