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Russian novelist (1891-1967)

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When we're looking for an FM, we're typically looking for great leadership skills, strategy around the business and FM provision, an understanding of the connection between hard services and soft services, and really strong collaborative skills," Ehrenberg says.
Activistas politicos, los Ehrenberg habian huido de la represion que siguio a la matanza de Tlatelolco y se habian autoexiliado en Gran Bretana.
Reader response to the article was overwhelming, with many thanking Ehrenberg for her well-balanced approach and other readers still not convinced of the story's conclusions.
Ehrenberg said that it is still not clear what the end result will be, but that schools were certainly not immune to making hiring choices based on economic factors.
The development program Ehrenberg studied distributed some of the tourism industry's revenue among local farmers, in order to reimburse them for the damage caused by animals.
Dr Ehrenberg and his students have extended their gratitude to PDO for providing access to data and core samples from their oilfields for this research.
Darin and Jodi Bobysud bought Miniblinds & More from Richard and Shirley Ehrenberg in June 2007.
constricta Frustulia pumilio Lange-Bertalot (Torka) Hustedt & Rumrich Achnanthes microcephala (Kutzing) Frustulia saxonica Rabenhorst Grunow Amphipleura lindheimeri Grunow Gomphonema augur Ehrenberg Amphora copulata (Kutzing) Gomphonema brasiliense Grunow Schoeman & Archibald Amphora veneta Kutzing Gomphonema parvalum (Kutzing) Kutzing Aulacoseira granulata (Ehrenberg) Gomphonema rhombicum Fricke Simonsen Aulacoseira granulata var.
1974 Subclase Gymnostomatia Butschli, 1889 Orden Prostomatida Schewiakoff, 1896 Suborden Prorodontina Corliss, 1974 Familia Colepidae Ehrenberg, 1938
Sistematica y taxonomia de Chaetoceros Ehrenberg y Thalassiosira Cleve (Bacillariophyceae) del Golfo de Tehuantepec, Mexico.
The lawsuit, brought by Howard Ehrenberg - trustee in Ruderman's bankruptcy case- claims that Maguire is not entitled to the winnings and that the money should be returned to Ruderman's victims, arguing that even though Maguire did not know the gambling money was not legitimate, the poker games themselves were illegal.
The first study of Testaceae in Brazil was conducted by Ehrenberg (1841), followed by Daday (1905), Prowazeck (1910), Cunha (1913) and Pinto (1925).
In December, the Rosenblums showcased their own Rock Wall Wines along with the other wineries at Rock Wall: Blacksmith Cellars, Carica Wines, Ehrenberg Cellars, JRE Wines, R&B Cellars and Virgo Cellars.
Dicho descubrimiento, realizado por el profesor de historia James Crisp, de la Universidad del Estado de Carolina del Norte y el profesor de aleman Louis Brister, de la Universidad del Estado de Texas (ambas de Estados Unidos), fue posible gracias a que encontraron un relato alusivo en las memorias de Herman Ehrenberg, un inmigrante aleman que de manera voluntaria se unio al ejercito en Nueva Orleans y a cuya compania fue regalado el estandarte que hoy se exhibe en el Museo de Historia del Castillo de Chapultepec.
Profesor de sociologia en la Facultad de Medicina de la Sorbona, Alain Ehrenberg ha centrado su obra, influyente a pesar de su escasa amplitud (2), en los usos sociales de la medicina mental.