Egyptian deity

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a deity worshipped by the ancient Egyptians

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The thumb-sized piece of bronze, which was discovered after almost 2,000 years hidden in the ground, has turned out to be the earliest representation of an Egyptian deity Harpocrates, the god of secrecy and silence.
Some identify Nivhaz with the jackal-headed Egyptian deity Anubis; see Alfred Jones, Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names (Kregel Academic & Professional, 1990) pp.
He recounts the story of Ancient Egyptian deity Osiris who was chopped up into pieces and thrown into the Nile.
ENCINO - Dozens of goddess worshippers, clad in flowing gowns and heavy jewels, congregated at the Tillman Water Reclamation Japanese Gardens on Saturday afternoon to celebrate the Egyptian deity Isis and the coming of spring.
It is especially associated with the Egyptian deity Osiris, whose cult of followers has re-blossomed in the New Age movement and the current occult explosion.
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