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| Great White Egret PICTURE: BOB GARRETT FOR the third successive year, a new species of heron has nested for the first time at the RSPB's Burton Mere Wetlands on the Flintshire/ Cheshire border.
The little egret was an infrequent visitor to Britain until 1989, but it began breeding in Dorset in the mid-Nineties and now there are several thousand residents birds in Britain.
(7) Salmonella enterica has been found in infected wild cattle egrets and may pose a health risk to humans living in close proximity.
The foraging ecology of egrets such as food intake, prey capture rate, and percentage of successful pecks had been studied in numerous habitats such as freshwater marshes, salt marshes, rice fields, river and estuaries (Trocki and Paton, 2006; Taylor and Schultz, 2008).
When they began to nest in Conway, North Wales, birders knew it was only a matter of time before the little egret became a West Midlands breeding species.
In this note, we present two observations of the crested Caracara preying on the snowy egret and eared grebe during winter in the southern part of the Baja California Peninsula.
Nevertheless, specific habitat requirements of most herons and egrets remain poorly understood (Kazantzidis and Goutner, 2008).
In the opening poem of the "White Egrets" sequence, the egrets "wriggle their beaks and swallow" while the poet contemplates a future when "the morning shadows [will] lengthen across the lawn" and when "you, not they, or you and they, are gone" (6).
Species that occurred in the fewest number of colonies within the study area were Snowy Egrets (N = 4), Black-crowned Night-Herons (N=6), Cattle Egrets (N=7), and Great Egrets (N=ll).
Q: While kayaking on the Hudson River in Easton on September 7, 2013 I saw this great egret with yellow "E12" tags on its wings.
Leaping waves naturally splash each other: White egrets are startled, then descend again.
mirrors and when he splashed there came stars and white egrets and doves
2012) and the mangrove forests host one of the largest breeding colonies of grey herons and great egrets in Iran and the Middle East (Evans 1994, Scott 1995).
Near the town, we visited a sanctuary for egrets, a bird from the heron family.
The present communication encompasses the main objective to gather a firsthand information regarding the nest and various nidification activities such as the number of hours of labour for nest construction, the type and amount of nesting material collected during the busy hours of nidification, average time spent in gathering sticks for nest building, average time to carry the nesting material from its source to the nest, nest inspection and rearrangement activities by nest occupants to determine the role of both sexes of Cattle Egrets (Bubulcus ibis coromandus) in Jammu as virtually nothing has been reported pertaining to these aspects of the bird from the study area.